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Inside CPH


Our pre-show conversations and interactive lobby displays will now take the form of short videos, intriguing articles, and social media posts that can be viewed anytime, anywhere. And we’re excited to bring you new ways to engage with our productions.

This is your opportunity to join us for an “all-sides” conversation about our productions! However you choose to participate, the dialogue isn’t just from us to you, but also… from you back to us! We are fostering enlightening conversations among audience members from all walks of life around the globe, and also between our audiences and the Greater Cleveland community.

­­CPH’s season opener, Where Did We Sit on the Bus?, is an autobiographical solo show that uses the spoken word, rap, and musical looping to follow a young Latina girl from her childhood to adulthood, as she explores her family’s history, her identity and voice as a first-generation American, and what the world will be like for her future children.


Inside CPH would love to hear from you: Who or what helped you discover your voice? And how did you learn to “speak?” Through music? Art? Sports? Activism? Feel free to post your answer – and a childhood photo, if you’ve got it – on your social media and tag #InsideCPH, or send us your picture and answer to, and we’ll share it for you!

Here’s what Kiara Vance, CPH’s Access and Inclusion Manager, had to say: “Junie B. Jones, Hermione Granger, and Miss Honey helped me discover my voice during this period of my life (6-7 years old). I would get lost in books and movies and found quite a bit of comfort in their stories. Junie was loud, goofy, and carried herself as though she was three feet taller and twenty years older. Hermione was confident, intelligent and unapologetically herself. Miss Honey advocated for those who could not advocate for themselves despite not having anyone to advocate for her, especially around the dynamics of family which are often overly complicated. Their characters still inspire me today but in different ways, and I wish I could thank them in real life for sharing their stories with me during a time when I needed them most.”


To read more about the play’s origins – as well as an interview with Brian Quijada and his parents – check out this great article!

read article


Did you see people who look like or have a similar background to you and your family represented in lessons at school? In pop culture? When did you first see that representation?

Is there a legend that has been passed down in your family? What is it? How has it shaped your understanding of yourself? Have you ever questioned any part of it?

When did you discover your voice? How do you share it with others?


Before or after seeing Where Did We Sit on the Bus?, why not treat yourself to some authentic Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Latin American cuisine? We invite you to VISIT these terrific eateries, some of which are located in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood (*).

There, Cleveland Play House is excited to be developing some fruitful partnerships through the work of our Creative Community Builder, Andrew Aaron Valdez. His focus is on meeting with individuals and groups in the community to discover what is most important to them and then develop action plans for enacting social justice through theatre programming, arts education, and more.

Algo Diferente (Catering)
Facebook: Algo Diferente Catering Co.

Cleveland Mofungo
11621 Lorain Ave, Cleveland

El Jalapeños Authentic Mexican Restaurant
1313 W. 117th St, Cleveland

Empanadas Latin Street Food
5543 Ridge Rd, Parma

*Half Moon Bakery
3460 W 25th St, Cleveland
Facebook: Half Moon Bakery

La Plaza Supermarket and Taqueria
13609 Lakewood Heights Blvd, Cleveland

*Las Dos Fronteras – Mexican
3292 Fulton Rd, Cleveland
Facebook: Las Dos Fronteras

*Las Villas Deli and Pastries
3216 W. 41st St, Cleveland
Facebook: Las Villas Deli and Pastries

Orale! Contemporary Mexican Cuisine
Westside Market
1979 W. 25th St, #F6 & F7, Cleveland

*Pupuseria y Antojitos Gunaquitas
2998 W. 25th St, Cleveland

*Sazón Domirriqueño
2886 W. 25thSt, Cleveland
Facebook: Sazón Domirriqueño


Inside CPH invites you to learn more about spoken word, beat poetry, and rap culture – right here in Cleveland!

The People Poetry Slam is the official open mic for creative expression in Northeast Ohio, organized through Poetry Slam Incorporated. Competitive poetry competitions and open mic sessions take place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at B-Side Lounge in Cleveland Heights (2785 Euclid Heights Blvd).

You can check things out this month on October 27. Doors open at 6PM, with the slam happening from 6:30-9:00 PM. Tickets are $5 at the door, or $2 for anyone under 21. If you’re interested in sharing a song, dance, poem, rap, or stand-up routine, be sure to arrive early to get on the list! Performances are limited to one piece or 5 minutes. And if you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to hear CPH’s Creative Community Builder, Andrew Aaron Valdez, share his own work!

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