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Michael Barakiva Artistic Director (216) 400-7001
Rachel L. Fink Managing Director (216) 400-7002


Merlin DeTardo Associate Managing Director (216) 400-7040
Caitlin Overton Administrative Assistant (216) 400-7000


Derek Green Artistic Producer (216) 400-7047
Kate Beckley Associate Producer
Betty B. Brooks Company Manager (216) 400-7052
Craig Joseph Literary Director (216) 400-7016
Michael Glavan Artistic Associate


Pamela DiPasquale Director of Education & Artistic Strategies (216) 400-7060
Kalie Scanlan Manager of Pedagogy
Liz Burns Education Management and Compliance Officer (216) 400-7035
Yining Lin Manager of Partnerships
Donna Dziak Producing/Education Management Associate
Marcela Rodriguez-Gonzalez Director of Community Development (216) 400-7076
Pablo Peres Lopes Associate Director of Community & Schools Programs
Ben Senter Manager of Community & Schools
Gabriela Lopez Manager of Community & Schools
Shaun Doyle Manager of Community & Schools
William Merritt Manager of Community & Schools
Juana Sok Creative Community Builder
Eric Odum Creative Community Builder
Jo Ochenduski Creative Community Builder
Emmanuel Jackson Director of Out-of-School Time Learning
Valerie Moore Associate Director of Out-of-School Time Learning
Michael Duckworth OST Cohort Manager
Chemenda Wilbourn OST Cohort Manager
Kelsey Witt OST Cohort Manager
Jonathan Sweet OST Coordinator
Zuleika Albarran OST Coordinator
Lauren Anthony OST Coordinator
Roosevelt Cochran OST Coordinator
Maya Cundiff OST Coordinator
Sarah Demetruk OST Coordinator
Jimmy Escalante Jr. OST Coordinator
Jerri Garrett OST Coordinator
Yonica Gilberry OST Coordinator
Albert Reese OST Coordinator
Thomas Kazmierczak National Director of CARE (216) 400-7057
Peter Ogbuji Director of In-School Programming (216) 400- 7022
Jenna Messina Associate Director of CARE - Cleveland
Inés Joris Artistry Supervisor
Mark Swinerton Manager of Curriculum
Kristen Ward Teaching Artist CARE Cohort
Tyler Collins Teaching Artist Cohort Lead
Joseph Dunn Teaching Artist Cohort Lead
Nnamdi Okpala Teaching Artist Cohort Lead
Christian Andrews Teaching Artist
Harmon Andrews Teaching Artist
Jenifer Bermudez Teaching Artist
Nathalie Bermudez Teaching Artist
Gary Galbreath Teaching Artist
Tony Heffner Teaching Artist
Jonathan Loya Teaching Artist
Damien McClendon Teaching Artist
Justin Steck Teaching Artist
Matthew Thompson Teaching Artist
Morgan Wilson Teaching Artist
Rebecca Morris Teaching Artist
Jim Becker Teaching Artist
Michelle Wilson Teaching Artist
Dwayne Castleberry Teaching Artist


Donald Carrier Director (216) 400-7019
Jerrold Scott Department Chair
Eleanor Holdridge Guest Director
Beth McGee Voice
Eliza Ladd Schwarz Movement
Jeffrey Ullom Performance History
David Vegh Acting, On-Camera Acting
Kenya Woods Dance


Dianna Angell Director of Production (216) 400-7026
Josh Padgett Technical Director
Reynard Pope Production Facility Office Manager (216) 862-5445 x5
Virginia Raffaele Production Associate 216-400-7041
Victoria Rapchak Production Technician

Stage Management

John Godbout AEA Stage Manager


Nick Lucas Head Carpenter
Gavin Price Carpenter
Zachary Robb Carpenter
Daniel Schumacher Carpenter
Marcus Class Carpenter
Emma Sherban Stage Carpenter


Megan Walsh Charge Scenic Artist
Kelly Ann Sherlock Scenic Artist


Jeffrey Van Curtis Costume Shop Supervisor (216) 400-7077
Carolyn Dickey Associate Costume Shop Supervisor (216) 400-7078
Kristine Davies First Hand (216) 400-7054
Cristine Patrick Stitcher (216) 400-7054
Sandra Zodnik Costume Crafts (216) 400-7054


Jessica Rosenlieb Prop Shop Supervisor (216) 862-5445 x4
Erin Ocampo Associate Prop Shop Supervisor (216) 862-5445 x6
Shay Knuth Props Artisan
Tom Cannon Props Artisan


Russell Homan Lighting Supervisor
Marissa Green Head Electrician
Aaron Frazier Lead Electrician - Allen Theatre
Logan Snodell Lead Electrician - Outcalt Theatre

Sound + Projection

James C. Swonger Sound & Projection Supervisor (216) 400-7080
Justin Gibbs Associate Sound & Projection Supervisor
Kimberly Grice Sound & Projections Technician

Marketing and Audience Services

Nathan Lilly Director of Marketing (216) 400-7020
Brittany Kent Audience Engagement & Accessibility Manager (216) 400-7023
Victoria Martin Audience Services Manager (216) 400-7053
Julie Gill Audience Services Associate (216) 400-7097
Maggie Milano Marketing Communications Manager (216) 400-7091
Roger Mastroianni House Photographer


Caitie H. Milcinovic Director of Development (216) 400-7055
Josh Landis Deputy Director - Individual Giving
Janna Greer Deputy Director, Institutional Giving
Evan Smittle Development Associate (216) 400-7056

Creative Services

Brian Tatsumi Creative Director (216) 400-7028


Elaine Lyons Staff Accountant (216) 400-7027
Deanna Bridgett Staff Accountant (216) 400-7065

People & Culture

Wendy Weaver People & Culture Director (216) 400-7043
Erika Irby People & Culture Manager (216) 400-7063
Lorena Jones Payroll Specialist (216) 400-7015

Support Services

Jeff Werbeach NetworkinGuys - IT Services

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Our Theatres

Allen Theatre

Allen Theatre

Helen Theatre

Helen Theatre

Outcalt Theatre

Outcalt Theatre

The Allen, Helen and Outcalt theatres are located at Playhouse Square
1407 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115

Administrative Offices and Education Center
1901 E. 13th Street, Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44114 (216) 400-7000

Production Center
7401 Detour Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103