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Our theatres are located at
1407 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Box Office (216) 241 6000

Subscriber Services (216) 400 7096

Tech Specs

The Costume Shop is part of the Production Department and is responsible for accurately interpreting the stylistic intent of the Costume Designer and recreating the original design in full scale.

Facility Info

The Costume Shop and Costume Storage are located on the fifth floor of the Middough Building, along with our administrative offices and rehearsal halls. It is just one block from our actor housing and one block from the Allen Theatre Complex, home to our three performing spaces. Our three main rehearsal rooms are located just down the hallway giving quick and easy access for the actors to our two large fitting rooms.

The 3,350 square foot Costume Shop consists of a large work area with a variety of domestic and industrial sewing machines, two industrial irons, a steamer and six cutting tables. There are two large Fitting Rooms, a Laundry Room, a Crafts Room with a spray booth and a dye vat, a Wig Shop with wig dryer, shampoo sink, a counter with mirrors and a small Wig Storage area. There is an office area for the Costume Shop Manager and Assistant Costume Shop Manager and a separate office space for guest Costume Designers.

Adjacent to the Costume Shop is our 5,000 square foot Costume Storage area or stockroom which houses thousands of costumes. The stockroom consists of constructed garments, purchased clothing and vintage clothing from the late 19thCentury to clothing of today. The stockroom is separated into two general areas—one area for hanging stock and the second area for boxed items that include sweaters, aprons, hats, shoes, fat padding, underwear, socks, etc.

The Costume Shop also has spaces in the Allen Theatre Complex. There are three separate Wardrobe Rooms, one for the Allen Theatre, one for the Outcalt Theatre and one for the Helen Theatre and each has its own washers and dryers and ironing station and steamer. The Wig Room is located on the first floor underneath the Allen Theatre along with the dressing rooms for the Outcalt and Helen Theatres. It serves the Outcalt Theatre and the Helen Theatre. The space includes a wig dryer, shampoo sink, storage closet for makeup and styling supplies, a workstation with mirrors and a spray booth. There is a separate Wig Station located in the Allen Wardrobe Room and consists of a countertop with mirrors, shelves for wig storage and a space for the wig dryer if needed.

Staff Descriptions

The Costume Shop Manager (CSM) supervises the staff of the Costume Shop and is responsible for managing all aspects of providing the costumes for the show. The CSM also assists the Designer with developing a list of what will be purchased, built and rented. In addition, the CSM will attend most, if not all, fittings and is responsible for making sure the show stays on budget.

The Assistant Costume Shop Manager (ACSM) places most Internet orders and does the majority of local shopping for the show. In addition, the ACSM assists with fittings and takes pictures and notes for all garments. The ACSM also does the day to day book keeping for the Costume Shop.

The Cutter/Draper makes all patterns for built items, oversees the construction and fittings of built items and attends the majority of fittings to assist with developing a list of alteration notes on garments.

The First-Hand cuts out mock-ups and the majority of items to be built and oversees and assists with stitching and alterations.

The Stitcher machine sews or hand stitches on garments to be built and does alterations on costumes.

The Wig Master (WM) is responsible for fitting and building the wigs and facial hair for each show and arranging for the color, cut and style of the actors hair if they are not wigged. The WM is also responsible for creating specialty makeup and supervising application of the specialty makeup on the actors. Once the show moves to the theatre, the WM is responsible for daily maintenance of the wigs and facial hair preserving the original look and style. The WM schedules and supervises haircuts and color touch-ups for the cast as needed.

The Wig Assistant is a part time position brought in to assist the WM with building wigs and facial hair for large shows and helps maintain them during the run of the show if necessary.

Wardrobe is responsible for the daily cleaning, repair and maintenance of all costumes once they arrive in the theatre. Wardrobe assists actors with getting into costumes before the show and helps the actors with quick changes during the show. Wardrobe restocks costumes in Costume Storage after the show closes.

The Joan Horvitz Costume Apprentice is a member of CPH Apprentice Program. This program provides the apprentice the opportunity to be in the Costume Shop every day working alongside a professional costume staff to gain practical hands on experience and the chance to learn how a Costume Shop operates.

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Box Office (216) 241 6000

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