Gee's Bend, 2008




Laura Kepley Artistic Director (216) 400-7001
Kevin Moore Managing Director (216) 400-7002



Corey Atkins Associate Producer (216) 400-7011
Rachel Lerner-Ley Artistic Associate (216) 400-7013
Melody Ekstrom Artistic Apprentices (216) 400-7039
Melissa Freilich (216) 400-7049
Elissa Myers, C.S.A. Casting Services
Paul Fouquet, C.S.A.
Ronald Thomas Wilson Resident Fight Choreographer
Jerrold Scott Resident Dialect Coach
Eric Coble Playwrights' Unit
Michael Geither
David Hansen
Margaret Lynch
Deborah Magid
Michael Oatman
Eric Schmiedl



Joseph F. Martin Director of Production (216) 862-5445 x0
Maryann Morris Production Office Assistant (216) 862-5445 x1


Stage Management

Jennifer Collins Equity Stage Managers
John Godbout
Tom Humes Equity Assistant Stage Manager
Kaitlin Kelly Production Assistant


Scene Shop

Cameron Michalak Technical Director (216) 862-5445 x2
Les Wegling Shop Foreman
William Gorie, Jr. Carpenters
Schyler Graham
Toni Kendrick
Dave Lesiw


Paint Shop

Megan Mingus Scenic Artist


Costume, Wardrobe & Wigs

Jeffrey Van Curtis Costume Shop Manager (216) 400-7077
Carolyn Dickey Assistant Costume Shop Manager (216) 400-7078
Clare Briggs Head Draper (216) 400-7054
Christine Krysa First Hand (216) 400-7054
Kristine Davies Stitcher (216) 400-7054
Gracie Kubinski Wardrobe (216) 400-7054
Mary Schilling-Martin Wig Master (216) 400-7079
Caitie Martin Wig Assistant (216) 400-7079
Mary Rathell Joan Horvitz Costume Apprentice (216) 400-7054



Andrew Ferrell Properties Master (216) 862-5445 x4
Jessica Rosenlieb Soft Goods Artisan
Patrick Evans Properties Carpenter
Lacie Hexom Properties Artisan



Michael Boll Lighting Supervisor (216) 862-5445 x6
Kevin Austin Master Electrician
Zach Allen Electricians
Michael Monter



James C. Swonger Audio/Video Supervisor (216) 400-7080
Nathan Tulenson Sound Technician



Merlin DeTardo General Manager (216) 400-7040
Patricia Eversole Business Services Supervisor (216) 400-7041
Donna Dziak Associate Administrator (216) 400-7042
Betty B. Brooks Company Manager (216) 400-7052
Maureen Burns Operations Manager (216) 400-7050
Reynard Pope Office Manager (216) 400-7000
Sarah Guyuron Special Projects Associate (216) 400-7004
Al Heartley Assistant to the Artistic and Managing Directors (216) 400-7003
Jeffrey Ryder Administration and Development Apprentice (216) 400-7012
Emily Scafidi Operations Apprentice (216) 400-7051



Pamela DiPasquale Director of Education (216) 400-7060
Nathan Lilly Education Associate (216) 400-7061
Nina Domingue Site Coordinator-Robert H. Jamison School (216) 400-7057
Jason Porrata Education Apprentices (216) 400-7048
Leah Shaeffer (216) 400-7047
Richie Gagen Education Intern



Ronald Thomas Wilson Chair, CWRU Department of Theater Arts (216) 400-7018
Donald Carrier Associate Director (216) 400-7019
Therese Anderberg Graduate Class of 2014
Bernard Bygott
Drew Derek
TJ Gainley
Christa Meyers
Sarah Ann Kinsey
Stephen Michael Spencer
Nicholas Barbato Graduate Class of 2016
Jeremiah Clapp
Alec Hynes
Megan King
Jay Ben Markson
Rickie McDowell
Kathryn Metzger
Katie Solomon
Roderick O'Toole CWRU/CPH MFA Intern



Elizabeth E. Horrigan Director of Development (216) 400-7030
Kate T. Duke Institutional Giving Director (216) 400-7033
Liz Conway Institutional Giving Manager (216) 400-7037
Kim Brundage Annual Fund and Campaign Manager (216) 400-7031
Kathryn Dhillon Development Services Associate (216) 400-7036



Ed Gilchrist Director of Marketing (216) 400-7020
Julie Gilliland Associate Marketing Director (216) 400-7023
Cosandra Wheeler Group Sales Manager (216) 400-7027
Bob Yun Sales Associate (216) 400-7044
Taylor Crichton Marketing Apprentices (216) 400-7021
Amy Newton (216) 400-7022
Roger Mastroianni House Photographer
Jimmy Scherer House Videographer


Creative Services

Brian Tatsumi Creative Director (216) 400-7028
Michelle Berki Graphic Designer (216) 400-7029


Audience Services

Lisa Gallowitz Audience Services Manager (216) 400-7099
Kristen Muslusky Assistant Subscription Services Manager (216) 400-7098
Joseph Dunn Subscription Services Agents (216) 400-7097
Allison Schulze (216) 400-7045

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