Gee's Bend, 2008


Board of Directors


H. Alexander Pendleton


Nancy Hancock Griffith
Walter E. Kalberer
Richard J. Knapp
Janet L. Kramer
Beth Rankin

Vice Presidents

Marilyn K. Brown
Betsy J. Fallon
Jean C. Kalberer
Sheila Rowan McHale

Treasurer/Finance Chair

Kenneth M. Haffey

Assistant Treasurer

Carolyn E. Cheverine


Raymond M. Malone


* Honorary Director for Life
** Ex-Officio Member
*** Emeritus


Robert A. Blattner*
Kenyon C. Bolton***
Gary Brahler
Mary Bright
Dr. David L. Bronson
Craig Buffie
Robert Conrad
Ryan R. Cross
Dr. Rebekah Dorman
Rose Dziak
Janice E. Focke
Charlotte Fowler
Walter P. Ginn
Nancy Shaw Goldsmith
Roe Green
Robert D. Gries
Jeffrey H. Grover
James M. Hill
Kathleen A. Hogg
Leslie Jacobs II
Kathryn P. Jensen
William M. Jones*
Sandra Kiely Kolb
Peter A. Kuhn
David M. Loomis
Milton Maltz
Dr. Nancy-Clay Marsteller
Mark M. McGuire
Stanley A. Meisel*
Deborah L. Neale
Spencer Neth
Marjorie E. Newman
Chloe Oldenburg*
Anthony M. Panzica
Robert G. Paul*
Alan G. Paulus
Eric Pelander
Jack D. Polcar
Deborah Pye
Alan M. Rauss*
Kip Reader
Luci Schey
Dr. Michael Schwartz
Boake A. Sells*
Paul Siemborski
Karen A. Skunta
Dr. Cyrus C. Taylor

For Board of Directors & Committee rosters, bylaws, calendars, forms, manuals & meeting materials

National Directors

Alan Alda
Joel Grey
Austin Pendleton

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