The Allen, Outcalt, and Helen
Theatres are all located at
1407 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115

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CPH is dedicated to serving diverse audiences with nationally acclaimed education programs.

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Our theatres are located at
1407 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

Box Office (216) 241 6000

Board of Directors


H. Alexander Pendleton


Janice E. Focke


Nancy Hancock Griffith
Walter E. Kalberer
Richard J. Knapp
Janet L. Kramer
Beth Rankin

Vice Presidents

Betsy J. Fallon
Jean C. Kalberer
Sheila Rowan McHale


Alan G. Paulus

Assistant Treasurer

Carolyn E. Cheverine


Raymond M. Malone

National Directors

Alan Alda
Joel Grey
Austin Pendleton


* Honorary Director 
**Community Director
*** Emeritus


Robert A. Blattner*

Kenyon C. Bolton***

Gary Brahler

Mary S. Bright

Dr. David L. Bronson

Craig Buffie

Robert Conrad

Ryan R. Cross**

Dr. Rebekah Dorman**

Rose Dziak

Charlotte Fowler

Walter P. Ginn

Nancy Shaw Goldsmith

Roe Green

Robert D. Gries

Jeffrey H. Grover

James M. Hill

Kathleen A. Hogg

Leslie Jacobs II
Kathryn P. Jensen**
Sandra Kiely Kolb

Peter A. Kuhn
Keith M. Latore

David M. Loomis

Milton Maltz

Dr. Nancy-Clay Marsteller

Mark M. McGuire

Michael J. Meehan
Stanley A. Meisel*

Marsha Mockabee
Deborah L. Neale

Spencer Neth

Marjorie E. Newman

Anthony M. Panzica

Robert G. Paul*

Eric Pelander

Jack D. Polcar

Deborah Pye

Alan M. Rauss*

Kip Reader

Gerald Rudowsky
Dr. Gregory M. Sadlek**
Luci Schey

Boake A. Sells*

Paul Siemborski

Karen A. Skunta

Dr. Cyrus C. Taylor**
Anne Maire Warren

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Box Office (216) 241 6000

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Our Theatres

Allen Theatre

Allen Theatre

Helen Theatre

Helen Theatre

Outcalt Theatre

Outcalt Theatre

The Allen, Helen and Outcalt theatres are located at Playhouse Square
1407 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115

Administrative Offices and Education Center
1901 E. 13th Street, Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44114 (216) 400-7000

Production Center
7401 Detour Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44103