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February 7 - 15, 2020 , The Helen

Getting Near to Baby

by Y York

Run time: 90 minutes
Advisory: This is performed by the CPH Theatre Academy class.

Twelve-year-old Willa Jo Dean and 7-year-old Little Sister Dean are reeling from the death of their baby sister, Baby. Little Sister's torment is so profound that she has stopped talking. The girls have come to stay with Aunt Patty so that their mom can recover, but Aunt Patty is unused to the messy human ways of little girls and finds Little Sister's silence intolerable. Aunt Patty's rules and regulations finally drive the sisters to the roof, where they hope to escape her laws while at the same time getting nearer to their departed baby sister.


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CPH announces the Roe Green Fund for New American Plays

CPH announces the Roe Green Fund for New American Plays

CPH Artistic Director Laura Kepley is proud to announce the Roe Green Fund for New American Plays. The Roe Green Fund for New American Plays is made ...

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