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Explore Cleveland’s past and present from the comfort of your home! Select a location on the map to learn more about it and how it’s related the New Ground Theatre Festival’s plays.

If you're in or near Cleveland and want to step into these stories, check out our curated Mapping New Ground: In-Person Activities.


I’m Back Now

by Charly Evon Simpson

A woman journeys to Cleveland to meet her birth mother and discovers a connection to Sara Lucy Bagby, the last person ever prosecuted and re-enslaved under the Fugitive Slave Act. Traveling through time from the 1860s to today, the play weaves together three generations of one Cleveland family.


by Vichet Chum

Suffering from writer’s block, an author comes to Cleveland for a break and ends up mentoring an artist for her upcoming show at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Their collaboration investigates their identities as Cambodian Americans. A story of grappling with legacy and representation, and how we use art to memorialize the past.

Crooked River Burning

by George Brant

An epic East-Side / West-Side love story between a politician from Old Brooklyn and a reporter from Shaker Heights. Spanning 1948 to 1969, this adaptation of a critically acclaimed novel features many CLE landmarks and cameos from illustrious figures.

Lake Erie Oubliette

by Chelsea Marcantel

At their mansion in Shaker Heights, the clairvoyant Homers receive news that throws their psychic abilities into question. Along with a Wiccan high priest/director of an esoterica museum and a local archivist, the family seeks the truth in this comedy inspired by Cleveland’s spiritualist past and present.

The Ghost Tour

by Jessica Dickey

An exploration of hauntings, abandoned spaces, and personal memories. This solo show is set in an out-of-use theatre, and delves into the stories embedded in the forgotten places of our minds and world.


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