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Theatre Thursday: Let's Get Physical!

Theatre Thursday: Let's Get Physical!

April 15, 7:00pm - April 18, 5:00pm

Theatre Thursday: Let's Get Physical!
Premiering Thursday, April 15 | 7:00 PM ET
On Demand Friday, April 16 - Sunday, April 18 @ 5:00 PM ET

A Live Virtual Program from Cleveland Play House
Focusing on CPH’s core values of Artistry, Community and Life-Long Learning.

Content Advisory: The plays presented contain mature language, adult situations, and suggestive adult themes.

April’s Theatre Thursday: Let's Get Physical!, will be an evening of stories about living inside the wonderful, unique and sometimes surprising shell that we call a “body.” Featuring three comedic pieces, it’ll be a celebration of body positivity and a thoughtful—and funny!—exploration of body image, self-esteem, and more. Featuring work Ken Kaissar, C. Julian Jiménez and Kate Huffman

The Plays:

  • Naked Call, written by Ken Kaissar, directed by Amy Kaissar
    • A comedy about a theatre company producing a futuristic, post-apocalyptic, the nude. The play is fully rehearsed, and the cast gathers for the first naked rehearsal. Hesitation sets in and causes the cast to scrutinize the concept. Are we getting naked out of necessary artistic expression? Or is this a desperate attempt to be noticed?
  • Animals Commit Suicide, written by C. Julian Jiménez, directed by Adam Kern
    • Chance, a gay man who has almost everything, dives deep into Chicago’s seedy sexual underbelly looking for something more. He picks up a drug habit while beginning a relationship with a handsome HIV-positive baker, claiming falsely to be positive as well. But when those close to him beginto call his motives into question, Chance is forced to decide what he values most in a dangerous world.
  • I'm Too Fat for This Show, written and performend by Kate Huffman
    • I'm Too Fat for This Show is an award-winning, internationally travelled solo show that has been changing the conversation onmental health and eating disorders across the globe.This shockingly hilarious, brutally honest piece tells the story of a woman going head-to-head with her best frenemy of TWENTY YEARS–her personified Eating Disorder.The show defies preconceived notions about these topics and connects performer and audience in the mutually experienced dilemma that is LIFE.

Hosted by Adam Kern and Mekala Sridhar

"The focus for April Theatre Thursday is on our bodies. Being stuck inside and working all day on the computer, it’s easy to forget that you have a body. When we do think of our bodies, we sometimes go into a depression spiral because we think we are not fit enough, young enough, or look the way society tells us that we should. The plays in April Theatre Thursday inspire us to listen to our bodies instead of the outside world and to celebrate the remarkable bodies we have." - Laura Kepley, CPH Artistic Director

"While it's easy to allow external voices and internal doubts to control how we feel about and engage with our bodies, we are the experts of our own bodies. The three pieces featured in CPH's April Theatre Thursday give us a chance to think deeply about what it means to take care of the bodies we've been given, while celebrating all they can do." - Mekala Sridhar, CPH Artistic Associate

Theatre Thursday is a monthly interactive virtual events which will allow audiences to experience the artistry of CPH, connect directly with the makers of our work, and converse with staff and other audience members about the impact of our artistic work in our beloved community.

Theatre Thursday is for CPH fans and anyone interested in learning more about the work of America’s first regional theatre -- onstage, backstage, in the classroom and in the community.

Important Viewing Details:

  • The event is available on demand Friday, April 16 - Sunday, April 18 @ 5:00 PM ET.
  • The event can be streamed through your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone via YouTube.
  • Registration is required. Viewing access is $5 per household.
  • After registering below, you will receive a Cleveland Play House Order Receipt sent to the email you provide in the Shipping portion on the next page. Please review the receipt as it contains your YouTube viewing link for the event.
  • Content Advisory: The plays presented contain mature language, adult situations, and suggestive adult themes.

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