Journey to the Land of the Blues

February 04, 2013 by Lisa Craig, Public Relations Manager in Education

Journey to the Land of the Blues

CPH values theatre as essential through one’s life for developing empathy, broadening understanding, and heightening awareness of the communal nature of our existence.

However, research shows that less than 4% of our country’s public elementary schools offer theatre education to their students. To compensate for that deficit, more classroom teachers are attempting to reinstate theatre education by integrating it into academic subjects. Sadly, only 2% of those teachers hold a license in theatre education, and less than 1% of the school districts are offering professional development specifically related to theatre and arts integration.

With our Educator Evenings program, CPH provides our teachers with a lively professional development program based on themes of each of Mainstage play that supports them as they bravely try to retain theatre in our classrooms.

Last season we served 599 teachers and pre-service teachers with high quality professional development. If each adult participant in CPH’s Educator evening program took what they learned into the classroom, a minimum of 15,000 children would experience theatre education.

For THE DEVIL'S MUSIC Educator Evening on February 19, we will be partnering with the organization Roots of American Music to create the following arts integration module:

Journey to the Land of the Blues
takes participants on a lively journey through the history of the blues, a music created out of the Southern African-American experience and one of the roots of Rock and Roll.  Stories of social and cultural conditions are woven into the history of the music, including the experiences of slaves, the “Great Migration” of African-Americans, and the technological advances that affected music and everyday life.

For information on the program and how to participate, contact Pamela DiPasquale, Director of Education, at 216-400-7060.

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