The Must of Miche Braden

January 29, 2013 by Montreal Jazz Festival in 2012-13 Season

In the summer of 2012, The Devil’s Music was invited to give six performances at The Montreal International Jazz Festival, the only play ever invited to this renowned music festival.

While there, performer Miche Braden talks about her love of blues and pays tribute to the great Bessie Smith. Click on the YouTube video above to hear her interview!

The Must of Miche Braden (video transcript): “Motown!  My former father-in-law, Beans Boles -- Thomas Beans Boles -- he wrote 'Fingertips' but people don’t know that.  And I have a big love of -- being from Detroit -- of Motown.  Bessie really brought the blues to the forefront to me. She brought it out to the mainstream.  It wasn’t just a backwoods country blues tent show music, after she got hold to it.  She was playing the big halls, she was making the big money. The big money. Ya know -- over two grand a week.  And if I could make that now, I would be real happy. She was just an amazing person as well as a wild personality and I knew her story would be something that would be really great.  She was free.  She was free with her music, she was free with her love, and all of that melded together.  Bessie Smith was one of the greatest, and people still refer to her.  If you don’t listen to your roots and history of your music -- you have to know where you came from to get to where you are at, and I listen to them all.”

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