A Look Inside the 'In Arabia We'd All Be Kings' Set

January 30, 2012 by Rachael Phillips, Marketing Intern in CWRU/MFA Acting Program

A Look Inside the 'In Arabia We'd All Be Kings' Set

The upcoming CWRU/CPH MFA Acting Program production of In Arabia We’d All Be Kings takes inspiration from various places in order to capture the feel of New York City in the 1990s. In the midst of Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to clean up the city, the play centers around a local bar where the main characters find solace from their daily struggles.

The production’s Scenic Designer Tiffany Scribner used a variety of materials to capture the essence of this time in New York City commenting, “The main locations in the play are the bar and exterior street scenes. The bar, which used to be a very beautiful piece of carpentry, is now a dirty, gritty, thing with names carved in it, cigarette burns and grime rubbed in so deep it has become part of the woodwork.” 
She adds, “The street is created with walls of mixed materials including things like plywood, OSB, chain link fence, brick and corrugated metal. This mimics the texture and layering that exists in and around construction sites, abandoned buildings and generally run-down, unsavory areas where stop gap measures are the only answer to decay.” 
Scribner and her team researched designs for the set which included photographs of graffitied walls and alleys. These pictures of rusted, defaced walls and littered streets helped Cleveland Play House set the mood for In Arabia We’d All Be Kings.  

 “The play in general is dark and gritty, and we wanted that to be reflected in the set,” stated Scribner.

Come see the finished product of our team’s hard work, research and design when In Arabia We’d All Be Kings runs February 1-11 in the newly finished Helen Rosenfeld Lewis Bialosky Lab Theatre.

A Look Inside the 'In Arabia We'd All Be Kings' Set

A Look Inside the 'In Arabia We'd All Be Kings' Set




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